Alumni Benefits

Graduates of Vermont College of Fine Arts receive numerous benefits as members of our alumni, including postgraduate seminars and networking events.

The Benefits of Staying Connected

Upon graduation, Vermont College of Fine Arts graduates automatically become members of our treasured alumni. Our mission: keep graduates connected to the campus and to their peers and faculty—whether through on-campus events or our growing regional networks. We offer a number of benefits to help graduates maintain connection to the campus and their peers, many of who are distinguished and well-connected artists, writers and composers.

New Alumni Retreats on VCFA campus!

The Louise Harwood Crowley Faculty and Alumni Center is available for alumni during specific times when not in use by our low-residency programs or other college events. We are offering two distinct alumni retreat opportunities: Alumni Retreat Weeks, reserved for quiet, individual work; and Alumni Retreat Weekends, intended for social gatherings for groups of alumni. We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity for professional development and the chance to meet alumni from other programs while you are in retreat.

To read more about the Alumni Retreats and to book your reservation, click here. Email Address

Your email address unlocks the doors to numerous alumni benefits. You may keep it in perpetuity. This also gives you things like unlimited google doc space.


You will also maintain access to the library and ALL of the features. If you would still like to have books mailed to you, you must sign up with [email protected] the head librarian.


Your email address also gives you access to your program’s commons page. Here you will have access to archive lectures and chat rooms.

Regional Alumni Groups

By opting into a regional group you are agreeing to share your contact information with other alumni in your region. The Regional Groups are inclusive of all programs. To join a Regional Group go here:

VCFA Weekend

This long weekend in September includes the Annual Cross-discipline Alumni Symposium, Reunion Dinners for the Decades, the Vermont Book Award Gala, and an Open House. It is a vibrant time on campus. To find out more information, or to register for this fall’s reunion weekend go here:

Crowley Center for Faculty and Alumni

Two weeks and two weekends a year are dedicated to alumni. More details on this are coming soon!

Alumni Receptions

Alumni gatherings happen all over the country throughout the year. Keep an eye out for emails and save the dates.


Current Conference offerings include: the Postgraduate Writers’ Conference, May Retreat for Novelists, WCYA Alumni Mini Residency, and Writing Novels for Young People Retreat.

Post Graduate Semesters

Capture the joie de vivre all over again when you return to Montpelier for a six-month semester study. Post graduate semesters are available in each program. In some cases you can enroll in a post grad semester outside your major.

Discounts and Downloads


As a VCFA student, faculty, alumni or employee you can get an additional 10% discount on your wireless bill. Just go to VCFA AT&T Page and click on "Register for Discounts". Be sure to use your school email address and not personal email address.

Microsoft Office for Students and Teachers

To get your free Office for Students, follow the direction in the link above.

More, more, more…

We are always on the lookout for more benefit options. If there is something specific you’d like us to look into, just let us know.


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