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The Real Story Behind Low-Residency MFAs by David Jauss, Faculty, MFA in Writing

The MFA in Writing has been voted among the "best of the best" by THE ATLANTIC

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The goal of all creative writing, Rilke tells us, is to change our lives. Over and over, our students tell us that the low-residency MFA in Writing at Vermont College of Fine Arts has changed their lives, that they have never encountered such dedicated faculty, that they learn more in two years with us than they have in their lifetime, that they don’t want to leave this “magical” place…and we understand what they mean. Our 32+ years of experience in low-residency education in writing have allowed us to create what the Atlantic, Poets & Writers rankings and, most importantly, our graduates, have consistently called “the best of the best.”

Students come to the MFA in Writing at VCFA to create an extraordinary portfolio of fiction, nonfiction, poetry or writing for younger readers. But above all, they come to begin impassioned conversations that will carry them through four semesters of artistic immersion.

Find out why faculty member David Jauss writes:

"Today, I still value those experiences enormously, but if I could do it all over again, I would enroll in a low-residency Master of Fine Arts program."

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